It’s not the destination but the journey

Who am I and who has inspired me?

There have been many people who’ve supported and guided me in my life to whom I am immensely grateful to. However, there is one person who remains the biggest inspiration and had the greatest impact, and that was my mother. She was incredibly wise and self- aware. Quite a feat, considering she left school at 14 with little education and lost her own mother at the premature age of 15. She had incredible self- worth and was someone who believed in and valued education as this was something she had far too little of due the education system in Ireland at the time.  My mother always loved to dance and she had saved up from her menial job in a factory for dancing lessons. She became a good dancer and joined a tour company and toured Ireland and the UK. It was a dream come true, but it was one that was short lived. She had an accident at work after this tour which prevented her from doing what she loved and that was to dance.

After this set back, she left her life in Dublin and moved to London in 1970’s where she became I single mother which wasn’t a piece of cake. This difficult time working in menial jobs with 2 young children and no opportunities taught her the value of education and this she instilled into myself and my brother. Education, she said, was the way out of poverty.  

I too lost my amazing wise mother in my twenties and I miss having her in my life. Her life story and experience is what has shaped me and helped me to be who I am today. Her legacy to me was that anything is possible, if you have a good role model, the resilience to succeed and determination to use education to improve your situation in life. My own journey from humble beginnings to Career and Life Coach is testament to this!

Who has been your inspiration in your life and how does this influence show up in your life today?

2 thoughts on “It’s not the destination but the journey

  1. Hi Sharon and thank you for sharing so deeply from personal experience.

    It sounds like your Mum was a remarkable woman and role model – and it’s great that her spirit lives on through the influence she’s had in your life too. My own heroes, people who have and continue to inspire me, include the following. I am deeply indebted to them:

    There’s Rudi. He’s a social worker in Germany who has committed his life and career to work relentlessly to prevent the social and political conditions that led to the rise of the Nazis. He looks on the rise of the AfD with alarm.

    And there’s Jasmin. She’s poor and lives among the poorest in the Philippines. She gives every spare peso and moment of her time – with scary degrees of self-sacrifice – to bring love and hope to the most vulnerable people.

    Then there’s Sue. She was on the last plane out of Saigon to rescue mixed-race children at the end of the Vietnam war. The plane was riddled with bullets. She and the children lay terrified on the floor as the aircraft fled the runway. She rarely speaks about it now.

    And there’s Mike. He works with street gangs and drug addicts in the UK, putting his own welfare at risk because he sees potential in people where others only see broken, messed-up lives.

    All of these people are ‘followers of Jesus’. They challenge and inspire me and serve as a continual reminder that every moment represents a decision, a choice to live a self-centred life or to serve a higher cause – whether that be God, humanity or nature-environment.

    1. Thank you so much for your heartfelt response to this post Nick. Wow, you have such inspirational people who have supported you and others in this life. How incredibly lucky and blessed you have been to have shared in these stories with them. Thank you for the insight around not just living a self centred life. This is one of the reasons I love coaching so much, as by helping others find whatever is more “them” this in turn affects everyone around them, so even though it may seem we are just helping the individual, by doing so, it has a bigger impact at society at large.

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