Richard, Teacher , UK

“After facing a crisis of confidence at work, I found I was on the verge of walking away from my career completely. Upon the recommendation of a friend, I booked a session with Sharon King.

I must admit to a little apprehension, never having had professional coaching before, but Sharon immediately put me at my ease. Talking with Sharon really helped me examine what I was doing well and what I could do to improve. Each session combined focus with flexibility, meaning that whilst Sharon gave me core areas and helpful exercises to think about, we could adapt to meet changing circumstances.
Thanks to Sharon’s challenging yet friendly input I have been able to constructively discuss my future with my employer, and the direction of my career. This has resulted in a promotion and, more importantly, recognition of my efforts. However, I have also seen that there are opportunities for me beyond my current role; I am even kicking on with that book I wanted to write!

I would recommend Sharon to anyone: my confidence is renewed.”


Nick Wright

Coach, Trainer & OD (Freelance) – People, Culture & Change

“Sharon is an outstanding life and career coach. She’s willing to go one step further than the average coach, asking the deeper questions that can make all the difference between change and transformation. Sharon is passionate, thoughtful and authentic. If you’re looking for a career coach with an unusual talent for applying existential insights to open up a new and very different future, choose Sharon! She has a great sense of humour and is a genuine pleasure to work with.”

Doctor T, Consultant Dermatologist Health NHS 
“I have had the pleasure of working with Sharon over the last 6 months and I can honestly say it has been transformational.
When we started working together, I knew that I was not fulfilling my purpose or potential and had lost passion for my work. I needed to find this again and over the course of our sessions, Sharon helped me to examine my strengths, weaknesses and discover what I love and what I want to do with my life in the future. It has been the most enormous change and I know feel positive about the future.
As a result of our sessions I have totally changed my career and have had wonderful new opportunities and experiences that I never would have thought possible and have far exceeded where I thought I would be in 6 months. In short, it was simply life-changing. Sharon has a calm and intuitive nature and is highly perceptive and I would have no hesitation in recommending her Coaching services.”

Karl Yorrick

Head of Talent Acquisition at Ghana International Bank PLC

“Sharon is an astute and critical thinker. She has a warm approach and is challenging. She is supportive and gives you the space to find out what really matters to you. All the attributes I was looking for in a coach. She helped me to navigate some transitions in my career and helped me to understand my own limitations so they no longer held me back. Before coaching with Sharon, I was not where I wanted to be in my career. Through our coaching sessions I was able to change my working situation which I believe wouldn’t be possible without her insights and support. I would highly recommend Sharon as a Career Coach”

Lorenzo Garofano

Co-founder / Executive Coach / Business Mentor International Growth and Innovation in Sales, Marketing & Customer Experience

“I was very lucky to get to work with Sharon. Since the first phone conversation I felt completely at ease to talk about anything. She has the most amazing listening skills, a great deal of warmth, empathy and compassion. After my coaching sessions with Sharon I have more self- awareness and am clearer about what matters to me. Clarity about situations that seemed before inexplicable and upsetting. I learned and now have practical strategies to overcome issues and blocks. Sharon never gave me advice or shared conclusions. She left it for me to look into myself and find my own answers. That was less the case with other coaches I have worked with. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone who is considering coaching”

Marina English

Demystifying Higher Education

“We met in a professional capacity, but I got to know Sharon quitewell. I now wouldn’t be doing my photography course if it wasn’tfor her. She made me see what I need to do if I want that careerchange in the future. She is very encouraging and I hope to maintain our friendship in the future.”

Lakvinder Singh

Senior Trainer at FDM Group

“I met Sharon while she was a careers advisor at The City Lit, at the time I was a student and looking for a transformation in my career. I spoke to Sharon on a numbers of occasions and each time I found her to be professional and extremely helpful in my achieving my goals. Sharon listened to what I was asking for and gave be the best advice possible regarding the courses available but more importantly supported / coached me to help me achieve some of my life goals. If you require any further details please do not hesitate to contact me.”

Amina BegumCommunity Ambassador at Barbican Centre


“I have completed 4 sessions with Ms King. During these sessions I was able to re-engage with activities which held a high level of importance to me. Explored my previous achievements and how I can motivate myself towards setting objective goals. I was able to have an honest and open discussion to build my confidence towards my career ambitions and life goals. It was an amazing start to recapture my focus on what I want to develop, what I am passionate about and how I can challenge myself towards my future. The sessions were delivered with positive energy, creativity, professionalism and productivity. It was able to get me to think outside the box. Her knowledgeable and constructive guidance helped me open up to new perspective on how I look at myself and towards my future. Definitely recommend the one to one sessions, helped me start to assess what I needed to do to get closer to organise my goals towards what makes me happy”

Mustafa Davies

Experienced Strategic Finance Director, Leader, Thinker and Decision Maker

“Sharon is a talented coach and careers advisor. Sharon was a big help with a couple of issues that I had been dealing with for along time. She helped me put them behind me so I achieve my goals. I recommend Sharon, if you’re looking for a personal coach.”