The Pandemic, Job Loss and Redundancy

The Covid19 pandemic has brought about immense challenges to us across the world. There have been some recurring themes, I’ve witnessed in my coaching practice that have emerged during this crisis, such as how we choose to live our lives before the pandemic (our lifestyle) and how we might want to live in a different way, after. This surge in these themes, I believe was helped by having some space from work and the usual routine to ask ourselves if what we had been doing is what we wanted to take with us into the future.

When in a period of transition, as most of us have been during this pandemic, whether that has been a loss of job, loss of a loved one or changes to the way we live and work,  all of these situations will bring feelings to the surface of anxiety,  stress or overwhelm. Feelings can be positive as well as negative and to help with this, a starting point is to accept whatever feeling arises when in transition. All feelings whether positive or negative are all natural. Find a way that works for you to express these feelings, whether that is through talking it through with someone you trust, or by being creative, using the arts or writing down your feelings in a journal. These can all help to get your feelings out there. You will not be alone in these feelings as this is happening worldwide and many will have similar feelings and experiences to you. 

For those who maybe grappling with forced or have chosen to make some changes , here are some tips to help you to reorient yourself and maybe help you to see the positives through the prism of opportunity and self -reflection.

First things first

Direct and focus your energy on taking care of yourself physically. Ensure you sleep well and prioritise it. Eat a healthy balanced diet. Exercise and move your body.


Reach out and connect with others. Find people who will allow you to be yourself and are open to listening. Find new ways of communicating via online platforms, if that works for you.


Regain a sense of control by focusing on what you can control rather than what you can’t. Focus one day at a time as this current situation is constantly in flux and by looking ahead to the future can add to the feelings of overwhelm and add to feelings of helplessness.


Have boundaries, these are especially important if/when home, work and school are all done from your own home. Having some rules and structures can be particularly helpful at this time.

Look to the past

How have you dealt with change and challenges in your life in the past? What qualities, skills, or experiences could help you now to reframe your current situation? What did you learn that you can take with you now to help you?

The ever evolving you

Our lives are in constant flux and change. What this can mean is that our values in life change as we do. To understand oneself, it can help to reflect on what your values are and our strengths. Using your strengths (as is advocated in Positive Psychology) helps to increase life satisfaction and in addition, to reflect on your values now can help you to make decisions that are in line with what you need now and what feels comfortable in life and at work.

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