The Top 4 Regrets at Midlife

I’ve coached many clients who at midlife are dissatisfied in their life and career. There were many regrets and here are the top 4:

1. Honouring my dreams and listening to my intuition

Many of my clients regret they hadn’t lived the life of their choosing and ended up working in the wrong career. Many of these professionals realised they were in the wrong career and were pursuing the wrong goals because they studied at University what they were told to study by well-meaning parents or guardians. In order to live a fulfilled and contented life it’s important to honour what you want. Most of my clients pushed away what they really wanted to please others, a decision they lived to regret.

2. Prioritising work commitments over everything else.

As the old adage goes “No one on their death bed ever wished they’d spent more time at work” Many of my clients wished they hadn’t given all their time and energy to their career, as in doing so, meant their important relationships suffered. They missed out on their children’s lives and hadn’t really been there with them each day. Their marriage or relationship suffered as they hadn’t been able to give it the time it took to nurture it. Some clients missed out on having children altogether. They also missed out taking time to experience some fun, have hobbies, learn new things and grow spiritually and to enjoy the simpler things in life. On focussing so much on their career, when they looked back, they could see those work and career goals that were once so important, were now meaningless and empty.

3. Fears of making a change

Many of my clients were scared of trying something new, of failing, of not having enough even though their current situation was making them sick and the thought of remaining where they were,  was excruciating. Moving out of your comfort zone is necessary in moving towards the life you want and taking a step to look closer at the fear that is holding you captive. 

4. Money is not EVERYTHING

This is one of the most common issues when it comes to life change or career change that takes place in my coaching practice. There is a lot of fear around it, not having enough or being a slave to it. My clients know they are not living the life they want but they can’t see a way out because they are trapped by their circumstances. It’s completely understandable. Some feel they need to make exactly the same amount as they are making now so they won’t try and change or leave their career even though it is making them sick and depressed. I’ve realised there is much more to the “money” story than first appears. Its deep rooted and can go way back to our childhood and where we learned to relate to money. However, if we can have the courage to address our fears about money, then we are that one step close to the life and career we would like. 

If like me, you are at the point of midlife, you know that the time you have left is less than the time you have lived and this awareness can be a huge motivator at pushing you to live the life you want, the life of your design and your choosing. To do that, we need to remember that life is not a dress rehearsal, it’s now, and the time spent doing what no longer serves us is a waste and this time you can never get back. So, take courage and make the first step to living the life you want! 

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